creating new energy

turning what was waste into renewable power

HydroGreen Energy

HydroGreen Energy manufactures systems to produce viable “green” energy and make possible “zero-energy input” production systems.  HydroGreen Energy will improve the condition of our environment and provide quality local employment across America and around the World. HydroGreen Energy will manufacture, place and operate these systems to benefit of each local markets we serve. We will form joint ventures with other entities in order to expand the benefits of our technology to people everywhere.

The humanitarian impacts of clean, low cost energy, waste removal and cleanup, and job creation are some of the primary benefits of the HydroGreen Energy programs. HydroGreen Energy will improve the economy and ecology in countries, states, cities and towns where our facilities are operated. HydroGreen Energy systems provide local jobs, locally produced energy and clean drinking water while eliminating harmful waste from our environment.

HydroGreen Programs:

  • Produce Energy Closer to The Point of Use
  • Create more efficient uses of the world's resources
  • Provide "Green" Fuel Production Technologies
  • Produce Renewable Vehicle Fuels
  • Provide "Green" Energy Production Technologies
  • Produce Renewable Electrical Energy
  • Produce Clean Hydrogen Fuel
  • Clean and Process Solid Wastes into Energy
  • Clean and Process Biowastes into Energy
  • Clean and Process Petroleum Wastes into Energy
  • Clean and Process Chemical Wastes into Energy
  • Clean and Improve Water Supplies
  • Replace Existing Solid Waste Facilities
  • Replace Existing Sewer Treatment Facilities
  • Supplement Existing Petroleum Technologies

Recent News


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