Knowing us

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Our Story

HydroGreen is an Idaho company formed in 2007 is embarking on a project to manufacture and build systems, which produce commercial viable “green” energy and food products while improving the condition of our environment and providing quality employment. HydroGreen will manufacture and place these systems, plus form joint ventures with companies that will install and operate some complexes. Many facilities will be fully developed and operated by HydroGreen. After many hours in business development costs, the company is in the final stages of implementing systems and methods that will reshape the energy and food production industries while providing positive environmental impact due to our zero emissions and waste designs. The company intends to become a leader in our nation and set an example for the world.

HydroGreen is committed to use technology and infrastructure improvements to overcome regional, national and international deficiencies. We seek to cause economic growth while building stronger regional, national and international infrastructures. We want to improve and strengthen the world's food supply, provide a better, safer water supply and conserve our energy supply. We will do all this while improving our environment and public safety.

Our Technology Advantages

HydroGreen Energy processes and systems utilize water and carbon based waste materials converting them into low cost pure hydrogen gas.

Processes integrate within our systems to generate electricity and high-grade transportation fuels.

Our systems provide high production efficiency that produce low cost energy products while eliminating existing pollution sources and are flexible, scalable, self-contained and closed-loop.

HydroGreen Energy systems can move from a fossil fuel economy to a cleaner hydrogen based energy economy.

  • HCR (HydroGreen Catalytic Reactor) - The HCR is at the heart of the HydroGreen Energy system and converts water and any carbon based waste materials into our process energy components. The HCR process has zero emissions making it a truly "Green" way to create a variety of energy products.
  • HIG (HydroGreen Ion Generator) - The HIG converts hydrogen gas cleanly into electricity using our  advanced hydrogen ion process. The HIG features no moving parts allowing it to run for extended periods of time with minimal maintenance reducing down time and improving reliability while producing clean energy with no emissions.
  • HGL (HydroGreen Gas Liquefier) - The HGL converts HCR process gases directly into high quality liquid Synfuels. Our Synfuels have no unwanted impurities, many of which cause severe environmental damage. We are able to produce Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuel and other fuels without the emissions or waste of current technologies. Current technology refineries burn off 10 billion cubic feet of energy daily losing 1.7 million barrels of energy.

Our Team


  • Technology Management and Development – 50+ Years
  • Business Management – 50 + years
  • Professional Experience – 100+ years


  • BS/MA Degrees: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Microbiology, Geology, Environmental Science, Finance, Food Science
  • MS/MA Degrees: Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Business Administration
  • PhD Degrees: Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biochemistry


  • 24 Non-Provisional Patents
  • 3 Provisional Patents
  • 10 Trade Secret Formulations


  • National Chemical and Environmental Professionals
  • Refereed Journal Publications
  • Engineering Signature of Excellence
  • National & International Sales & Marketing
  • Business Planner of the Year